There seem to be two working parts to the Mind. Mind can work for you to bring about positivity and joy or the opposite . It can communicate fear based responses to you. It is defined by uncontrolled thoughts that light upon every present moment to take you into the past or future, not allowing present moment happiness. The present moment is where you are thus the place where you will establish your happiness.

An aspect of anyone’s inner climate is this E(go)-Mind, an ever-changing presence that attaches itself everywhere. Ego works to create itself through comparison, defend itself from harm, and be a separate self. Judgement, comparison, ridicule all create a state of dualism within the self. This can be maddening for someone who is trying to create a state of heaven for oneself.

One way of becoming more aware is to stay in the present moment. Define what that looks like through clarification of what runs you. What is and is not you. Who are the voices that speak to you from within. One way of beginning this journey is too identify what you believe. Tell yourself the truth -expressing beliefs that have been held under your subconscious can give you new awareness of you. The Self that is just waking up.

The Self that is just waking up is the real you.  The Ego-Mind has no idea how this is being done.  Because its not happening in the mind. It is happening in the heart. It happens through the experience of your own infinite beauty .

As I retrain my mind to notice the entrance and exit of Ego I have an awareness of how the Ego energy is influencing my present. I can tell a different story and not be under the influence of Ego. Ego will still “worry” that I am changing… but I am the one who is beginning the entrance into the place of heaven in my mind.

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