Inner Climatology is a term I use to reference all that is occurring in every individual’s consciousness. It harkens to the fact that our inner climate and what we are thinking and experiencing there has an effect on the outer climate… what we experience in the world.

Inner Climatology is defined by a complex internal climate orchestrated by thoughts that seem to think themselves and appear as the unconscious mind.  People sometime get confused and think this is really “their mind.” I define this as a part of the Ego. Ego can get us into trouble with ourselves if we don’t train ourselves to recognize this force within our consciousness.

We can use conscious Mind to think positive thoughts. To remember positive events. We can train it! Mind muscle can be trained to Control the amount of Mind chatter that occurs from the Ego.  In this way it is used to help us get above the control, function, and habit, emotion and the Ego.

When this area of consciousness is left unexamined, we are frequently at the behest of the Ego. The Ego that pulls and pushes us from one thing to another and often leaves an unfulfilled void.

Left unchecked and unexamined the belief system that we have had in place since childhood makes the decisions and runs our day. The Mind can also be used unknowingly to continue the programming of the Ego. If you have had a belief since childhood that all new things are untrustworthy, that is what you will perceive in your surroundings. That perception validates the original experience and subsequent belief/thought from childhood. This cycle continues and the original thought becomes a conscious block to experiencing new things. But you can change it… it takes only desire and some practice.  

Clearing the old beliefs involves assessing your current belief system through inventory and then using the Clear Beliefs technique, which not only helps to identify the current belief but helps to eradicate that belief from your system. Along with the Clear Beliefs approach, I have benefited, and I think you will too, from identifying patterns of selves that are running my life. I have gained awareness and separation from these selves through Voice Dialogue. Spiritual and prayer practices, such as Oneness Blessing, provide the underpinnings of all of the work.

Through all of these techniques the Mind chatter that is occurring daily is lessened, the anxiety that these unchecked beliefs cause is lessened and eventually replaced with a process that changes the inner climate and therefore changes the outer.

In a session we would use these tools to examine your inner climate and help you identify the different parts of your conscious mind.

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