I am, and you are, are an undefinable, always changing, field of infinite self. I hold a signature, the thing most true to me is the energy that I am. The same it true for you.

The details of my story are not important here. The results — the transformation from suffering to joy — are. I have come home to myself. I have come to truly love myself and cherish my connection to Source. 

I love me because I embrace the avenues I went down to discover myself – beautiful Lee Ann.

It is a privilege to feel the love and beauty for myself and I imagine this is the way Conciouseness experiences me all the time.

 I have come home to myself. How do I know the Rightness of the place that I am?  It is a place I have been before a feeling of home, assuredness.  I love it here and can only truly Know Self here as an Energy in the physical body with a collection of emotion, value states, called by the name of Lee Ann.

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